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Carrant Brook Junior School

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PGL 2018

Following the success of our visit to Liddington, Wiltshire, in February 2017 we have booked to go again in February 2018!

Year 5 will be taking part in the residential visit. Please come along to the parents meeting on Tuesday 16th May at 3:30 to find out more information. You can also visit the PGL website for more information, or download this handy information sheet.

Below is information, photos and the highlights from the visit in 2017. 

Year 5 residential to PGL Liddington 2017


We arrived at 12:00 - right on time - even though the motorway traffic was a bit busy! After a quick packed lunch we got stuck straight into our activities. So far all groups have been challenged to climb the vertical obstacle course and found our way through the tunnel trail. It was pretty dark and muddy inside but by working as a team we were able to find our way back out!

Tonight it was pizza and chips or roast pork for dinner so we have all been well fed! And sticky toffee pudding sweetened the end of the meal. Now we are doing our evening task - SPLASH - to try and make a contraption to protect a water balloon! The winner will get to soak Jimmy who is our lead instructor!


 Our final day. We had mixed feelings while packing up this morning. We are sad to leave PGL but excited to get back to our parents. The final activities today have kept us busy. We had one more obstacle course - this time with an army/ninja theme. It was great. We have also abseiled down a tower. It was 42 feet high so some of us were quite scared. The other groups had their turn on the tree top challenger too.


Now we are just about to devour some burgers for lunch before making the journey home! See you soon...

What is PGL about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the trip your child will bring home a medical form to complete. Please fill in and return to school. 

Do I need a packed lunch for the first day?

Yes! All children must bring a packed lunch on Wednesday 7th February. It should contain disposable containers and a re-usable water bottle. All other meals will be provided by PGL.

Can I wear earrings?

Children should not wear earrings for the activities and only small studs during any other times. PGL have said that they strongly advise all earrings, even small studs,  are removed. If this is not possible, at your own risk, they must be covered with tape (you must provide and apply this).

Can I bring deodorant?

You may bring deodorant, however aerosol sprays are not permitted. Any deodorant must be roll-on.

Can I bring sweets, games, money, electrical items etc.?

No, they are not necessary. Children can bring a small teddy or toy, books or a small board game to play. Any other items are not permitted.

Remember children must be able to carry (and pack) their own bags!

Kit List for 2018


 We have enjoyed another fun-filled day of activities. Today we challenged ourselves to complete the tree top tasks. We crossed rope bridges, platforms and other obstacles all at the top of the forest. It was great to learn how to take responsibility for our own safety when clipping in and out of different ropes. We also built rafts and worked as a team to paddle them on the lake. As well as all of that, we did some archery - all the teachers were fantastic at this! 10 points all around!

Again we have been very well fed, with cooked breakfast to start the day! We have just finished eating pasta, rice, meatballs salad and delicious carrot cake too. Just the campfire now before bedtime.