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Carrant Brook Junior School

Together We Learn and Grow

Year 5 residential to PGL Liddington 2018

Wednesday 7th February 

We are all very excited to get on our way! This morning we have been playing some team games out on the playground to get into the swing of things. Now we can’t wait to arrive and see our rooms! Everyone is very happy with their groups and we have made up a nickname for each room! Hopefully the sunshine will stay out for us.

Groups 1 and 2 had an amazing time this afternoon! We started out with archery, which was brilliant! Then we solved the crate challenge by working together to build the tallest tower possible! 

Group 3 had a double session in the tree tops today! We had to work together to overcome some fears, but every single person in our group completed the course! Amazing work!

Dinner tonight was very popular, with a choice of meatballs, lasagna or risotto! The children were impressed with their meals and the portions were very generous to make sure we have enough energy for all of our activities! Tonight we are looking forward to finding out what ‘SPLASH’ is all about!

Thursday 8th February 

We started the day with a hot breakfast, cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurts to make sure we had enough energy for the fun-filled activities. Then this morning each group completed the activities that they hadn’t yet done. So now everyone has completed the tree top trail, practised archery skills and worked as a team to pile the create high! Take a look at our pictures below.


This afternoon all of the groups did the same activities- mountain biking and trapeze. For the mountain biking we learnt how to ride on a small playground, but then if we were confident we could go out on the track in the woods to test out our new skills. It was great fun and even better to see some children try out something new and make fantastic progress in a short time! For Trapeze, we climbed a telegraph pole and made a leap of faith to try and reach the trapeze bar. Some of us overcame personal fears and we all enjoyed the challenge. A great afternoon.


This evening we are looking forward to a celebration, and some birthday cake to wish Carys a happy birthday! Then we are heading out for a campfire. We are having so much fun!

Friday 9th February 

We have had a busy morning - up very early to pack up before breakfast! Our activities were tunnelling and the vertical challenge today. Not many of us were keen on the dark tunnels, but we worked as a team to help each other. It has been freezing- we even had snow earlier! We are about to have lunch, burgers should warm us up! Then after lunch we are headed home. Most children have requested a nice hot bath later please!

PGL 2018

Following the success of our visit to Liddington, Wiltshire, in February 2017 we have booked to go again in February 2018!

Year 5 will be taking part in the residential visit. You can also visit the PGL website for more information, or download this handy information sheet.

Information from the Parent Meeting can be found by downloading a copy of the slides: Parent Meeting January 2018

PGL Meeting for parents on Monday 15th January 2018. Please come to Birch Class at 3:30 for the final information evening!

What is PGL about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the trip your child will bring home a medical form to complete. Please fill in and return to school. 

Do I need a packed lunch for the first day?

Yes! All children must bring a packed lunch on Wednesday 7th February. It should contain disposable containers and a re-usable water bottle. All other meals will be provided by PGL.

Can I wear earrings?

Children should not wear earrings for the activities and only small studs during any other times. PGL have said that they strongly advise all earrings, even small studs,  are removed. If this is not possible, at your own risk, they must be covered with tape (you must provide and apply this).

Can I bring deodorant?

You may bring deodorant, however aerosol sprays are not permitted. Any deodorant must be roll-on.

Can I bring sweets, games, money, electrical items etc.?

No, they are not necessary. Children can bring a small teddy or toy, books or a small board game to play. Any other items are not permitted.

Remember children must be able to carry (and pack) their own bags!

Kit List for 2018