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This page contains some extra work for children on the SEN register who may have other learning targets. 

Miss Sheikh will try and add work as appropriate for you to have a go at. 

English tasks - Week beginning 30/3/2020


You will need to work through these tasks with your child

The files are in order in the file list below

 English for monday.pdfDownload
 English for Tuesday.pdfDownload
 English for Wednesday.pdfDownload
 English for Thursday.pdfDownload
 English for Friday.pdfDownload
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Reading tasks

 Fiction Reading Revision 1.pdfDownload
 Non-Fiction Reading Revision 2.pdfDownload
 Poetry Reading Revision 3.pdfDownload
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Remember if your child uses Nessy in school they can continue to access this and play games every day. We recommend 15 minutes a day on the Reading and Spelling section


Nessy also have a YouTube Channel which shares many helpful learning strategies



Measure Mass                      (click here for answers)

Compare Mass                     (click here for answers)

Introduce capacity and volume     (click here for answers)

Measure capacity               (click here for answers)