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Sycamore Class 

Welcome to Sycamore's Learning Page. Please check the activities set on a daily basis and enjoy your home learning! 

To be able to support your learning further, if you have any questions, queries or have access to be able to upload and send work to be displayed onto the learning page, please send via

Thank you Layla for your fantastic narrative   Well Done Danny! Amazing story writing with a great plot and brilliant use of language.  Great work Janak for keeping up with the home learning tasks. Thank you Ryan for your amazing poem! 

Monday 23.03.2020 

Challenge yourself to hit the question mixed number activity. Miss Jefferies' score - 30/30 

English: Following on from the biography work in class, research a famous author and find out 3 facts about them. 

Reading: Write a prediction for Holes. What do you think will happen to Stanley and Zero next? Will they find someone to keep them safe? Will the warden locate them? 

Tuesday 24.03.2020

Maths: log on to your Mathletics account and complete all activities set. If you need support with adding and subtracting decimals have plenty of online tutorials that will help you! 

Practise ordering numbers Ordering Numbers (Home Learning)

English: Look at the front cover of 'How to Live Forever'. How to live forever (Home Learning) Explore all the different ways this story might start and end. Write your own narrative and work on it over a few days to edit and improve parts. Think about your success criteria and vocabulary choices. If you can, send them to the above email address as it would be great to read them :-) 

Science: Read the information on peppered moths Peppered Moths Design your own moth that can camouflage into its surroundings Activity Create a fact file on Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Information Sheet What new fact did you learn? 

Wednesday 25.03.2020

 Reading: Read the following text Diary of Anne Frank and answer the comprehension questions. The answers Diary of Anne Frank are available for you to go through once you have completed the task. 

I have uploaded the next two chapters of Holes for you to read. Holes - Holes - Chapter 38 Holes - Chapter 39 Holes - Chapter 39 (1) Holes - Chapter 40 Holes - Chapter 40 (1)  Holes - Chapter 40 (2) 

English: Start your own diary. This could include pictures and interviews with other family members about their thoughts and feelings as well as your own. 

Easter Egg Challenge - Design your own Easter egg in the style of Gaudi. Make a recipe for your egg. What extra treats would you put in yours? Easter Egg 1 Easter Egg 2 Easter Egg 3

Maths: Practise your multiplication Multiplication-Practice-Questions-Year-6 Answers included at the end of the document.

Thursday 26.03.2020

Maths: Work through the following activities and then check your answers.

Using Ratio  Using Ratio Answers      Ratio-and-fractions  Ratio-and-fractions- Answers   Calculating-ratio   Calculating-ratio-2019 Answers  

If you need support, access learning videos at 

PE: Check out Joe Wick's daily fitness activities - even I've been doing them! :-) 

Design your own circuits activity and ask the family to join in. If you have a skipping rope, practise your skipping skills and speed. 

English: Visit the 

Choose one of the videos and turn it into a storyboard with pictures and short sentences. 

Friday 27.03.2020 

Reading: Finish reading Holes Holes_by_Louis_Sachar1 Complete a book review Book Review

Maths: Read through the power point to refresh your learning on BODMAS. Order of Operations

Complete the activities  Order of Operations - questions  

Order of Operations - Answers

Computing: Complete all activities on Interland including Reality River

Geography: Create a map of your local area. Include key geographical features, six-figure grid referencing and a key.

Monday 30.03.2020

English: Work through the activity sheet Metaphors to familiarise yourself with metaphors. 

Tuesday is a book written by David Wiesner. Watch it in motion using the link 

Use this story as inspiration for your writing. You could retell the story in your own words as a narrative, write a newspaper article reporting the sighting of the flying frogs, create a non-chronological report all about frogs or another animal that you find interesting, or even write your own poem that describes the flight of the frogs on their nightly adventure. It would be lovely to read some during the week. 

Maths: Think back to the strategies we have been learning in our problem solving sessions and in particular the working backwards strategy. Here are some problems to try. Working Backwards Level 1  Working Backwards Level 2 Working Backwards Level 3 

Choose a level that you feel challenges you. Working Backwards Answers 1 Working Backwards Answers 2

Science:  Read through the presentation of Charles Darwin's discovery of finches whilst on his voyage to the Galapogos Islands. Presentation If possible, complete the practical activity using different objects around the home. Activity You could look for small stones or gravel in the garden instead of millions, or pieces of rice. Adapt the activity where possible if you can. Here is further activity for you to complete Next Step 

Tuesday 31.03.2020

Project Part 1: Try and create your own theme park. Read through the power point and activity sheets to start your project. Theme Park Presentation  This can be an ongoing task for you to complete over the next few weeks :-) Building a Budget Activity Sheet First Draft Map Activity Sheet 

Maths: Work through the arithmetic paper and check your answers on completion. Y6 Arithmetic Rounding Numbers Rounding 

English: Practise your knowledge of word classes Word Class Presentation Word Class Revision Word Class Answers