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Early Help

Family Support Worker

I’m Anna Carey and I’m the Family Support Worker for Carrant Brook Junior School.

My role in school is to provide support, advice, information to the families within our school community and to co-ordinate Early Help .  I can help you with any worries that you may have in relation to your child's education, behaviour and wellbeing.  I am also here as someone to talk to if you need it!

I can meet with you at home or in school at a time to suit yourself.  Advice and support is confidential although concerns relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with the school's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.  I may not have all the answers, but hopefully I can help you to work out how to find them!

Please see the following link for our Offer of Early Help.

For further information, please contact familyinfo@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

What is Early Help?

The purpose of early help is to prevent issues and problems becoming serious and harmful to the child, young person, family and community. When children and families need this extra support, they often need it quickly. Provision of early help support can be at all stages of a child's life; pre-birth, during pregnancy, childhood or adolescence.

What can we do?

Support for pupils includes:

  • promoting good attendance and punctuality
  • promoting self-esteem and confidence
  • promoting positive behaviour and positive attitudes to learning
  • providing one-to-one support

 â€‹Support for families includes:

  • providing information and signposting to other services in the local area
  • liaising with a range of external services such as housing and Social Care
  • assistance in completing paperwork and forms e.g. housing, foodbank vouchers, attendance and support at school and other agency meetings
  • advice and support in promoting positive behaviour at home
  • guidance with career and personal development and access to training and workshops in school

How to get in touch:

I am normally based in school every morning from 8.45 until 3.15, I can also be available after school by appointment

Please call the school office on 01684 297065 to make an appointment or pop in and I will be happy to see you as soon as I can.

I can also be contacted via email:  fsw@carrantbrook.gloucs.sch.uk