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Welcome to Birch Class 


Dear Parents / Carers,

As we quickly and sadly approach the end of the year (we can't believe it either!), we are planning a range of fun activities we can enjoy with our classes before they leave us next Friday afternoon (17th July). Don't worry, we will still be following social distancing rules to keep your child safe, but these activities should enable all Year 6 to thoroughly enjoy their last few days at Carrant Brook.

Wednesday 15th July Afternoon - we will be having a water fight on the school field! Children may bring in a water pistol in order to take part and we will spend the afternoon running around intent on soaking one another (and no doubt staff too!) and having great fun together. 

Thursday 16th July Afternoon - we will be having a picnic on the school field. We will be providing crisps, biscuits, sweets and squash that we will safely distribute to the children. If they wish to bring in a few extra 'goodies' for themselves, they may, but unfortunately they will not be able to share them with their friends.

Friday 17th July - children will be taking part in the Great Pea Challenge (back by popular demand!) - prizes will be awarded for the most 'treasure' found!

Hoodies, 'extra surprises', CDs and Yearbooks will also be distributed before the end of the year.

Thank you for all your support over the last two years. We wish the Year 6 a great summer and a super start to Secondary School.

Best wishes,

Mrs Mattholie & Miss Jefferies

Please make sure your parents are happy for me to upload the photos you send me to our email address: birchhomelearning@gmail.com

I hope you have seen our staff video to you all on the HOME page. If you were unable to read all of sheets because of the sunlight, this is what they said:

Hey Birch Class! Be safe, happy and well. I love receiving your emails. Remember to use our class page for work online. Care for others. Have fun with your families.

Missing U loads. And finally... RUBY ROCKS!


Hope you are all having a lovely half-term - we have certainly had amazing weather for it!

I am really looking forward to Monday and seeing you all in person again! Please view the video on the school Facebook page to see what the place will look and be like!

Please bring a bag to school with the following items in it which you will keep under your desk:

  • packed lunch (unless FSM)
  • water bottle (the water fountain will not be in use)
  • sun hat (we will be enjoying the outdoors!)
  • a pair of trainers for PE (unless you are already wearing them. Socks too if you are wearing sandals) 

You may also wish to include:

  • sun-tan lotion although it would be better to apply this before  school if it lasts 6-8 hours 
  • hand cream - we will be washing and sanitising our hands regularly and I know some of your hands get sore!

Please DO NOT bring pencil cases or any other stationery - you will have your own pack provided!

We will all be entering school through the main gate and then through different classrooms. I will text you on Sunday nigh,  the classroom door you will need to enter school through.

Finally, for the few not returning, please continue to learn! Please complete the Maths and English activities plus one other of your own choice each day from the  BBC Bitesize Daily LessonsThe Year 5 class page may help too!


BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning  - SUMMER TERM, WEEK 5


Online Learning Stars this term are....

Lauren, Emily, Chester, Daniel, Lachezar, Rufus, Isi, Theo, Isaac and Harrison! Super effort by all of you!!

ENGLISH - Today and over half-term, your task is to enjoy finishing the HOLES story - only 7 chapters to go which are full of excitement, twists and turns! You'll love it!

When you've finished reading it, please send me some sort of book review about what you thought of the story, favourite bits, surprising twists etc. This can be written or in some sort of creative way which conveys your thoughts. Surprise me!

On Friday next week , following the Prime Minister's speech, I will update those of you hopefully returning to school on 1st June about what you will need with you & direct those of you who are not to online learning websites you can use.



Welcome back to hopefully our last week of online learning before we can return to school (Government dependent)! Thank you for all of your Family Fun Fridays pictures. I have even included one of my own in the slideshow above - see if you can spot it!

Maths - use this link to access the video clip recapping multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  https://vimeo.com/418156588  Then have a go at the worksheet below (no need to print it out). Use the answers to mark your work afterwards. Any questions you are unsure about? Email me and I will try to help.

English / DT -  read chapters 34 and 35 of HOLES. Design a modern day version of SPLOOSH. Think about an eye-catching label, packaging and anything else you think is needed to encourage people to buy it! I look forward to seeing your designs.


Check out the Sploosh videos from Isi and Theo below!

Maths - log onto Mathletics and have a go at the Properties of Shape test.

English - read chapters 36 and 37 of Holes. Map out Zero and Stanley's journey - include annotations (drawn and/or written) of events that happen along the way. 


Maths  - have a go at completing Day 18 Problem of the day below (ignore it saying March). You can then check your answers on the answer sheet. 

English - read chapters 38, 39 and 40 of Holes. You may spot the link between past and present emerging. Activity - draw, paint, make a collage, use computer software ..... (I don't mind) to create the image of where Stanley and Zero end up that appears in your mind as you read these chapters.


Maths - Can Do Maths 25.1 and 25.2 Area. Remember on 25.1 that 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. If you cannot remember how to calculate the area of a right-angled triangle or a parallelogram, use your revision books / YouTube to remind yourself. 

English - read chapters 41, 42 and 43 of Holes. What do you learn about Zero's past? Bullet point what you discover.

 March Problems of the Day - Full Set with Answers - Blue (1).pdfDownload
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 Holes by Louis Sachar.pdfDownload
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VE Day Celebrations 8.5.2020

BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning  - SUMMER TERM, WEEK 4



Maths Challenge -  who can move the frogs in the fewest number of moves in your household? Click here to see the video clip explaining the challenge -  Video Link

Do something exciting as a family - it could be a walk; cycle ride; something you make or bake; playing a board game together; gardening - anything that you enjoy doing together. Take a photo. Have fun!


Welcome to another day in 'easing up gently lockdown'.

Maths - I have uploaded the answers to yesterday's Maths work for you to mark your own. Q9 seemed to cause people difficulties. Have a look at the answers then multiply each fraction by one of them and you should get the same answers (the height of the towers).

Today - please have a go at CAN Do Maths 21.1 and 21.2 - both revising telling the time (12 hour and 24 hour). Remember to scroll down this page for the answers when you've finished.

English - read chapters 32 and 33 of Holes. Write a short diary entry as if you were Stanley after this particular day. Try to include what you were thinking and feeling at the time.


Maths - Click on this link to watch the White Rose video about multiplying fractions by integers

 https://vimeo.com/415879394 . Then have a go at the worksheet below (you don't have to print it out).

English - read chapter 31 of Holes. Comprehension - read the opening sentence again:

"Stanley angrily dug his shovel into the dirt. He was angry at everyone—Mr. Pendanski, the Warden, Zigzag, X-Ray, and his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. But mostly he was angry at himself. "

Why was he angry at all these people? Give at least one reason for each person. 


English - read chapters 29 and 30 of HOLES. Draw a picture of Zero and list all the emotions he must have been feeling around the outside. Please make it colourful! 

SPAG - complete the spelling, punctuation and grammar quiz below your Holes work (only 8 questions). No need to print out. Then use the answer sheet to mark your work.


Welcome back to another week! Thank you for all your amazing posters and photos of your socially distanced VE Day Celebrations (plus someone's Birthday cake!)  - check them you out above!

This week would have been your SATs week. As a result, I am going to post a few mini-tests just so you don't feel you've missed out! :-)

Answers to the last two weeks' Homework are below.

Maths - have a go at the ten calculation questions on the PIXL Arithmetic Test 10 below (you don't need to print it out). Check them, then mark them. If you make a mistake, use your MATHS revision book to help you understand where you went wrong.

English - read chapters 27 and 28 of HOLES. We learn more of the fate of Kate Barlow. Using 6 pictures only, create a cartoon strip about what happened to her in the end. Add a sentence or two, to each picture. Add some colour to your cartoon when you have finished. 


 Lesson-1-Multiply-fractions-by-integers-2019 (1).pdfDownload
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 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 20 Answers.docxDownload
 Grammar and Punctuation Quiz 20.docxDownload
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 Answers for 11.5.20.docxDownload
 PiXL Primary - Year 6 Answers.pdfDownload
 PiXL Primary - Year 6 Arithmetic Test 10.pdfDownload
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BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning  - SUMMER TERM, WEEK 3


Have a look a the at the bird's nest above that Lauren spotted in her garden!

Today, please complete your Maths and SPAG homework for this week. Incidentally, this is your final week of homework as it would have been SATs next week! I will upload answers for this and last week's homework at the weekend.

Friday 8th May - VE DAY Celebrations - send me a picture of something you do to celebrate this special Bank Holiday day!


Maths - log onto https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ Lesson 2 - comparing and ordering fractions. Watch the video and have a go at answering the questions. Afterwards, you can mark them. (You don't have to print off the questions to answer them). 

English - read chapters 25 and 26 of Holes. Is there a theme that is similar to books we have read in class? Summarise what happens in no more than ten sentences.


Thank you for the Rattlesnake fact files I have received so far. I've added some to the slideshow and some as files for you to read.

Maths - log onto Mathletics and have a go at the Place Value assessment.

English -  read chapters 22, 23  and 24 of HOLES. What do we learn about who KB was? Write a paragraph summarising what we learn about her.


Thank you for all the amazing science photos you have sent me. See below! I have also included links to two videos I also received from Einstein Theo and Einstein Emily (video links document). Maybe you can have a go at the cabbage one yourself!

Maths - Can Do Maths 19.1, 19.2 and 19.3 (algebra and area (length x width)).

English - read chapter 21 of Holes. Think - how did Stanley know he had at least one friend? Activity - create a fact file about rattlesnakes - their appearance, diet, habitat, special adaptations.

HISTORY Challenge this week - Friday is VE Day celebrating 75 years! Create a poster explaining what the day celebrates.

 Video links.docxDownload
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 rattlesnake fact file Lauren.rtfDownload
 Rattlesnakes Chester.docDownload
 rattlesnakes Dan.rtfDownload
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 Emily's Music.docxDownload
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BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning  - SUMMER TERM, WEEK 2

Star surprise helpers: Emily, for tidying her room; Harry for hoovering; and Chester and Destiny for cooking amazing food for their families!


Good morning musicians! Click on the Emily's music file above and you can hear and see her playing her composition!


Maths - have a go at some of the Family Challenge Friday 1st puzzles from White Rose in the document below. Can you solve them quicker than your family?

Science - have a look at  the postcards below. They all have fun science experiments for you to try at home. You may not have all the items for each postcard but you should be able to do some of them!

Please email all photos and have FUN!


Congratulations Destiny on an amazing rap - read it (and rap it) above yourself! Try creating one yourself on Charanga.

Maths - click on https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ and Summer Week 2 Lesson 4 - watch the video on problem-solving and have a go at the questions on the worksheet. You don't need to print them out. The video is really helpful!

English - read chapters 19 and 20 of Holes.  Q1 - Why did Stanley lie? Give at least 3 reasons with justification. Q2 - What did the warden do and why?


Please complete your SPAG and Maths Homework for the week. I have uploaded the answers for your Easter homework tasks and last week's below so that you can mark what you have done.

Music - you can now access CHARANGA online and work through different tasks. You get to choose what you would like to do! You can listen to music, create your own music and many more things. I emailed out your log-ins to you today. It will say Birch class, Miss Jefferies, but don't worry, I set the work. I can see what you have been up to and listen to your musical compositions! Have fun! :-) 


Maths - log in to Mathletics and have a go at the problem-solving activities - 'Are You Ready?' and 'Money' using all four operations. 

English -  read chapters 17 and 18 of HOLES. Stanley is injured. Design a poster clearly showing what should be done when someone has a head injury. Try to make it big, bold and clear.

Science - have a paper aeroplane competition in your house. Who can design the one that flies the furthest?


Welcome back to another week of home learning! Great to have some new contributors too!

Maths - Click on the White Rose link here https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/  . Click on Summer Week 2 - lessons 3: problem solving. Watch the video clip and have a go at the Lesson 3 activity (you don't need to print it off, you can just jot the answers down). Afterwards, the answers are provided. Today is all about using different skills to solve problems.

English  - read chapter 16 of HOLES. Strangely, Zero doesn't seem to know any nursery rhymes. Choose either the nursery rhyme from the book or your favourite one from when you were younger, write it out and illustrate it.

History - ongoing throughout the week. Watch the powerpoint below about crime in Roman Times. 

Activity - create your own curse tablet. Decide on a latin name for your enemy, decide on an appropriate Roman crime they have committed and the punishment you wish to ask the gods to inflict upon them.

 37300-L ED PC 0215 Physpack Card-2.pdfDownload
 617-straw gun.pdfDownload
 618-The Forceful Comb.pdfDownload
 619-Making Soap Sculptures.pdfDownload
 620-Spot a Raw Egg from a Cooked One.pdfDownload
 621-Alka-Seltzer Rocket.pdfDownload
 622-Magic Balloon.pdfDownload
 623-Make a Lava Lamp.pdfDownload
 625-Musical Coat Hanger.pdfDownload
 626-Magic Toothpicks.pdfDownload
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 Answers for week ending 24.4.20.docxDownload
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 Crime and Punishment Slide2.pdfDownload
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BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning  - SUMMER TERM, WEEK 1 

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter holidays and received some chocolate eggs.


Firstly, well done Emily for meeting the challenge of surprising someone in her household - she tidied her room!

Maths - Can Do Maths 10.4 (reasoning with long x and long division).

ART / Nature  - The weather is so lovely at them moment, I thought it would be good to either go into the garden (if you have one) or to do when out for your daily exercise. Below is a sheet of common garden birds. I would like you to use the sheet to identify the different birds you see today. Spend about 15 minutes watching for them. 

Afterwards - create a piece of art representing some or all of the birds you saw today. Let your imagination run wild! It can be drawn or you can use anything in your house - food, recycling, pencils, paints, clothes, photo collage - the list goes on! Your art can be 2D or 3D - it's up to you.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


I have started a summer term 1 slideshow of your Holes work below!

Maths - Click on the White Rose link here https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/  - watch the video clip and have a go at the Lesson 2 activity (you don't need to print it off, you can just jot the answers down). Afterwards, the answers are provided. Today is all about angles in a triangle (can you recall how many degrees are in a triangle?).

English - read chapters 14 and 15 of Holes. Summarise what happened in these chapters in just 5 sentences.  Remember conjunctions and semi-colons can help extend sentences! Then draw one picture that sums up the two chapters as well. I look forward to seeing them!

Challenge - do something for someone in your household that surprises them in a nice way!


English - Read chapters 12 and 13 of Holes. Then answer these comprehension questions below. Think about how full each answer needs to be. Then complete the challenge.

Homework - please complete the SPAG and MATHS homework for this week. 


Maths - please log onto Mathletics and complete the Fractions (multiplying them; dividing them  - remember KFC - and a mini assessment) work set.

History - we are beginning our topic on 'Crime Through Time'. Have a look at the Crime and Punishment PPT below and familiarise yourself with some of the vocabulary on it. 

Activity - find out about one crime that was around in Roman, Saxon and Medieval Times. What was it? How was it detected? How was it punished? Present your findings in any way you wish (See example below).


Maths - White Rose have started some online learning resources that recap things we have previously learnt in class. Click on this link - https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/  - watch the video clip and have a go at the Lesson 1 activity (you don't need to print it off, you can just jot the answers down). Afterwards, the answers are provided. Today is all about vertically opposite angles.

English / Science - read chapters 10 and 11 of Holes (see below). Stanley finds a fossil. Watch this clip  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z9bbkqt/articles/z2ym2p3 and then look at the fact sheet about Horses (below) that scientists have discovered from fossils . How have horses evolved over time?

I look forward to receiving your emails / work!

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 Crime and Punishment Slide1.pdfDownload
 Crime Through Time week 1.docxDownload
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 Horse fossil fact sheet.pdfDownload
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WELL DONE BIRCH CLASS! You've survived two weeks of isolation. I have been delighted that so many of you are accessing the website and emailing me pictures of your work! 

Top contributors so far are: Emily, Chester, Lauren, Thomas, Daniel, Isi, Fin and Oscar!    

Let's have everyone contributing after Easter!


Over the Easter holidays, please keep reading, using Mathletics and completing the pages in your SATs Maths and SPAG homework books. Otherwise, have a well-earned rest. If you do wish to do keep working, then there are a variety of activities and mini-projects you can have a go at listed below. There's also some child-friendly coronavirus information to help you understand the situation we are all in. You can also access the websites on this screen too. You can still email me but I may not respond daily! I will be back on Monday 20th April - see you then! Don't eat too much chocolate! 

After Easter, we will be looking at the topic 'Crime Through Time' so get your thinking caps on and let me know what sort of things you'd like to learn about (albeit online and from home).

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BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning WEEK 2


Officially the last day of term! 

MATHS - please complete Can Do Maths 8.1  8.4 and 9.1 - remember when multiplying 3 numbers you can  do it in any order.

English - read chapters 8 and 9 of Holes.

Thinking question - Why do you think Stanley lied in his letter to his Mum?

Activity - draw and describe the biggest hole you have ever dug or been in? Why did you dig it or why were you in it? What was it like? What was in it?

Lastly, please look at the Gaudi Easter Egg designs entered below. Thank you to all who entered! Please email the number of your two favourite pictures (I have numbered them in the corner). I will announce the winner tomorrow night! 


Thank you to all who are sending in pictures of your work - it is great to see such a high standard of learning still going on! I will be removing older pieces and adding newer ones to the slide show so look out for yours!

1. Complete your SPAG and Maths homework for this week. Answers will be posted Friday night.

Remember tomorrow is your last chance to enter your Gaudi Easter Egg into our class competition!

2. Art - You may have stood on your doorstep last Thursday evening and clapped for the NHS. Today, create a rainbow you can display to show them your support. You can draw it, paint it, use collage - any materials you want. Please ask permission before sticking it somewhere! Have fun and get creative! 


Thank you to all of you who regularly email me your work - it is great to see to and know that you are enjoying Holes.

MATHS - please complete Can Do Maths 5.4  6.1 and 6.2 

English - read chapter 7 of Holes (it's quite a long one!). The chapter flits between Stanley and the story of a man called Elya. In only 6 pictures can you create comic strip of what we learn happens to Elya? Write one sentence under each picture summarising it.

So far, I only have 3 entries and one on the way for the Easter Egg competition - you still have today and tomorrow to enter.


Maths - you have been assigned 4 tasks on perimeter, area and volume on Mathletics (CC - dividing by 2,5,10).

English - read chapters 5 and 6 from Holes. Stanley is in fact innocent. Write a paragraph detailing the crime he was accused of committing and what actually happened.


Please find the answers to your Homework for the week ending 27.3.30 in the document below together with an answer for the 'Twist It' 1.3 Can Do Maths question from last Thursday. 

A special shout-out to DT for spotting the error in the Can Do Answer booklet. 45 in Roman numerals is XLV (you can't have 4 Xs in a row).

Maths - please practise your rounding skills by completing Can Do Maths 2.1  2.2 and 2.3. Remember the rhyme about the significance of the digit 5.

English - read chapter 4 of Holes. 

Task 1 - draw Mr Sir from the description and Stanley in his uniform (again from the description).

Task 2 - research yellow-spotted lizards and create a fact file about them.

Ongoing - don't forget our Gaudi Easter Egg Challenge (see week 1 work below). I will post all entries on Friday.


BIRCH CLASS - Corona Virus Online Learning WEEK 1


Welcome to our virtual learning space. I hope you are all well.

Please see below for answers to last week's homework.

Monday - CAN DO Maths 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 (answers now uploaded)

ART - Go into the garden or look outside from a window and sketch a flower in detail.


Mathletics - 2 tasks have been assigned to you.

Reading - read a chapter of your book. Look up the meaning of any unknown words.

We now have a class email which you can send pictures of work (for example Monday's sketches) to:



Complete your SPAG and Maths homework for this week. Answers will be posted next week.

DT - Cooking - choose a cake or desert recipe to make for your family. Send photos to our email address along with their marks out of ten! 

Have fun!

Check out some of your art work you've sent me below! :-)


Morning! Thank you to all who are emailing from our class. I have added all sketching that has been happening and some delicious looking cakes that Dan made today to the slide show below! They look like they deserve the 9.9999 / 10 they were awarded, Dan! 

(Sorry OD - yours won't upload but it's very good!)

Maths - Place Value - Can Do books 1.1  1.2 and 1.3 please.

English - read chapter 1 of HOLES by Louis Sachar (see below) . Draw a picture of what you imagine Green Camp Lake to be like from the description.

Ongoing Project for this week - Easter Egg Challenge - Design your own Easter egg in the style of Gaudi. Make a recipe for your egg. What extra treats would you put in yours? 


Maths - Place Value - Can Do books 1.4      (Answers below but please have a go FIRST before self-marking!)

English - read chapters 2 and 3 of HOLES by Louis Sachar (see below) . Do you believe there was a curse upon Stanley's family? Try to give three reasons for and three against.

PE - have a go at one or some of Joe Wicks PE workouts.

Have a good weekend and stay healthy!


Our flower sketches!

Birch Bake-Off!

Homework from Autumn Term 2019



We have been studying a narrative poem called The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Click on the link to hear Oscar's version from the perspective of The Highwayman.

Oscar's Poem


We are so proud of Eloise for really putting our core value of 'Caring' into action. During lockdown, she sorted out all her old toys and held a socially distanced garden sale. She raised £67. Not happy with this, she managed to get Barclay's Bank to match her pound for pound, raising a whopping £134 which she has donated to the NHS. 

#youareamazingEloise    #youareCarrantBrook!

Useful websites for extra things to try at home:



Literacy Shed

Even our pets are helping us with our home learning!

Birch & Sycamore Class! Don't forget your 4 reads...let's see if we can win the reading challenge this week!

Read to Succeed!

Remember Year 6, you are expected to read your home reading books at least 4 times a week and get them signed. Talking to somebody about what you have read will also improve your understanding.  We know that 'Good Readers Make Good Leaders!'

Of course you can read more if you want to...we do!