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Reporting Absence

Parents are responsible for informing school of any absence as soon as possible.  If your child is ill and has to stay away from school, please let us know by phoning or emailing  the school office on the morning of the first day of absence and every morning thereafter (admin.cbjs@glatrust.org.uk).  You should state the nature of the illness and when the child is expected to return to school. Alternatively, complete and submit the absence form below.  Please be aware that if your child is absent due to sickness or diarrhoea, then the child should remain off school for 48 hours after the latest incident of sickness or diarrhoea.

Telephone calls, letters or personal contacts are acceptable, the school may also wish see official evidence of any hospital, dental or doctors appointments.

Notes from parents: Only the school can approve absence not parents.   The school does not have to accept the parents’ offered explanation as a valid reason for absence.   If there are doubts about the explanation offered, or where there is no explanation, the absence will be treated as unauthorised. 

Illness, medical and dental appointments: Such absences are considered authorised providing that the school is satisfied that the illness, appointments etc. are genuine. However Parents should try to make routine appointments such as dental check- ups during school holidays and after school hours.

Lateness: Lateness is discouraged.   Registers are kept open for a reasonable time.   Where pupils miss registration and fail to provide an adequate explanation they will be marked as unauthorised absence for that session.   If a child arrives late and misses registration this must be noted for the purposes of emergency evacuation.

Shopping during school hours: It is highly unlikely that such absences can be justified.

Exceptional /Special occasions: Whether or not an authorised absence can be granted for this category will depend upon the circumstances.

Family bereavements: The school responds sensitively to requests for leave of absence to attend funerals or associated events.   Such absences are usually authorised.   Where a pupil is absent for more than the agreed period, early contact is made with the family.

Days of religious observance: An offence is not committed where the absence results from participation in a day set aside for religious observance by the religious body to which the parents belong.

Traveller children: Travellers are protected from prosecution if they can show that the nature of their trade requires travel from place to place and that the child has attended school as regularly as possible.  

Off-site activities: These fall into two categories, school directed e.g. educational visits and individual activities, e.g. music examinations.   School activities will normally be registered as absent.   Such absences will be classed as authorised.   Where the activity is of a more exceptional individual nature the school will usually authorise absence.

Excluded pupils: Where a pupil has been temporarily excluded he or she will remain on the school roll.   This will be treated as authorised absence.   If a pupil has been permanently excluded his or her absence should be authorised until after review.   If the exclusion is confirmed, he or she should be struck off the school roll.



Absence Form

Attendance Information for new Parents

 Permissible reasons for absence

  • the pupil was absent with permission from an authorised person within the school.

  • the pupil was ill or prevented from attending by unavoidable cause

  •  the absence occurred on a day exclusively set aside for religious observance by the religious group to which the family belongs.