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Year 4 - Oak and Beech Class

This term our topic is called 'May the Force be with you!' which is STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) themed. We will be finding out more about electricity, forces and magnets in Science, inventing our own gadget in English and producing our own fairground ride in DT!


Yesterday afternoon in our Science lesson, we were learning how we can use classification keys to group living things. As a warm up, we classified a range of liquorice allsorts! This helped us to understand the concept before applying it to the minibeasts that we found on our hunt last week. See the photos below to see us working in pairs to create our keys...


We are currently studying the famous artist David Hockney in our Art lessons. Today, we had a go at mixing colours and then step by step, attempted to recreate a Hockney style piece of Art using both paint and felt tips. I was really impressed with how Year 4 used different techniques to create a range of textures and colour in their pieces. We are going to add some final touches to them tomorrow but check out the photos below to see what they are like so far!


Last week, as part of our current Science unit, 'Living Things and their Habitats', we went on a minibeast hunt around our lovely school grounds! There was plenty to discover, whether it was relaxing in the trees, minding its own business in the lavender maze, amongst the soil in our new class planters, sneaking around in the long grass, hiding underneath, in, or behind logs... Year 4 found them! Check out the photos below that one group took as they searched high and low for the little critters.


We are so proud of all the hard work Beech and Oak put into their assessments last week. They demonstrated the school's core values of resilience AND confidence. WELL DONE YEAR 4!


Yesterday in Beech Class, we loved getting out in the sun and filling our new class planter! We planted a wide range of flowers, shrubs and plants. We can't wait to see how they grow - hopefully there should be plenty of colour! 


This half term, we are  going to be studying David Hockney in our Art lessons. Today, we used our sketchbooks to explore Hockney's life and work. We used mixed media to produce attractive double page spreads.


Despite the wet weather we have been having, we managed to enjoy Sports Day (Part 1!) this morning. We competed in our house teams in a number of different events including the 'Howler Throw' and the 'Sack Race.' We showed great team spirit and enthusiasm!


Today, Year 4 produced some coil pots out of clay. We followed the instructions to create a suitable base and then rolled out our coils. We had to use the scoring technique to attach the coils securely. We can't wait to see them once they have dried!


This week we have been focussing on our new English unit 'Codebreaking'.  We have decoded some well-known nursery rhymes and have written our own code for 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'


In our PE lessons this half term, we have been working on our rounders skills. We are becoming much more accurate with our overarm throwing and have begun to include this in a game scenario. We will be practising our batting skills next! 

04. 05.21

Today, we welcomed Claire from Stemworks who led a workshop on K'nex Fairground rides. Firstly, we built a base to ensure our structure was stable. Then, we needed to install the pulley mechanism so that our ride would rotate. Finally, we were able to design our very own ride which needed to seat 20 passengers. This fantastic opportunity really challenged our engineering skills!

30.04. 21

We have had a really busy start to Summer term. We are enjoying the routine of being back in school and have settled down quickly. In our English lessons, we are writing persuasive adverts about gadgets which we have invented. From Covid trackers to high-tech footballs for novices, we have identified gaps in the market! In maths, we have been introduce to decimals and can now explain the relationship between hundredths, tenths and the whole. 

Key Documents for Parents


Year 4 are currently reading...

Weekly Requirements


Our pupils at our school are required to complete 4 reads a week at home with an adult. We ask that your parents signs your record after each read. We check the records every Friday ready for celebration assembly.

Let's get 100% reads every week!

 Homework Grid

Your child should have brought home a homework grid with a selection of topic based homework tasks. You should complete 4 of these pieces this term.


You will be given a list of spellings each week which you will must practise at home. Each week we will test a number of these spellings through a spelling dictation. 


You should all have a copy of your username and password in order to log on to the Mathletics website. Here you can access a range of maths tasks and games,

Times tables

By the end of Year 4, you will need to know all times tables and related division facts up to 12 x12. We advise regular practise to increase your speed and fluency.