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Year 5 - Spring Term 2022



Remember! Homework expectations are clear. Each child is asked to complete a minimum of 4 reads per week. Pupils are also expected to practise their spellings and times tables. In addition to this, there is a selection of topic-based homework tasks to enjoy. Each child should aim to complete 4 out of the 9 per term. Of course, if they would like to do more, then they should be encouraged.

This term's homework grid is below: 

STEM DAY - We designed and made 'Moon Buggies'

We were given a design brief (our buggies needed to be wind powered) and a budget. Therefore, we had to design our moon buggies carefully considering the materials we could afford to purchase with our 'credit cards' from the shop. We then constructed them and tested them, altering one thing at a time to try and make them as fast as possible. We then raced each other's buggies! See the photos and video below! IT WAS GREAT FUN!

Class Letters to Parents

Autumn 21 Letter to Parents

Good readers, make good leaders!

Year 5 Writing Expectations

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