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Staying Safe Online!

Lockdown has delivered many challenges to our school community and we have been nothing short of amazed by the resilience and determination our pupils, parents and carers have shown throughout these unusual times. As a school, we are aware of the increase in time spent online by pupils as a result of remote learning. Research shows that there has also been an increased use of social media and gaming during this time too. We want to support our families as much as possible  in ensuring our pupils are as safe as they can be when online. Below are some parent guides to help:

 What Parents Need To Know About Facebook Messenger.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About Facebook.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About Gaming Disorder.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About Instagram.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About Social Pressures Linked to Influencers.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About TikTok.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About WhatsApp.pdfDownload
 What Parents Need To Know About Zoom.pdfDownload
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Carrant Brook Welcome Google

Keeping ourselves safe is a big part of the 'Carrant Brook Curriculum!' This is why we have held a special assembly today where we have had visitors from Google come in to talk to pupils about staying safe online.

We were very proud of the children as many of them knew different ways to keep themselves safe. However, most of our children also learnt something knew. 

Carrant Brook has now officially been awarded the title of 'Internet Legends' from the Google Team. Take a look in reception the next you visit.


The internet is a valuable tool.  It is an excellent way to help us learn and to have fun whilst doing so.  However, the internet can be dangerous and it is extremely important that we stay safe online and use the internet responsibly and safely AT ALL TIMES so that we do not put ourselves, or other at risk. This page contains valuable advice and information for the whole of our school community.

Social Media

Many children have access to social media websites, despite age restrictions. Without certain settings in place, they are susceptible to having personal and private information shared publicly online which can have serious consequences.

Here is some guidance about privacy settings on some of the main social media websites. Click any of the websites listed to download and print their guides.