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Governor's work together as 'critical friends' to provide an independent oversight of the strategic management and operation of the School with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards.  A School's Governing Body does not run the School, this is the job of the Headteacher and other Senior Staff. If you get on with people, would like to learn something new and give something back to the community, then being a School Governor may be for you.  To be a Governor, you must be committed and interested in doing what's best for the next generation.

There may be lots of papers to read and meetings to attend and you will sometimes need to make difficult decision about individual pupils or staff.

Appointments usually last for four years and you will receive appropriate training.

Every School has a Governing Body.  It normally includes:

  • Parents elected by other parents of children at the School
  • Citizens appointed by the Local Authority
  • Members co-opted from the community
  • School staff, including the Headteacher

The Governing Body:

  • Is accountable for the performance of the School
  • Plans for the School's future
  • Selects the Headteacher
  • Makes decision on the budget and staffing
  • Makes sure the National Curriculum is taught
  • Decides how the School can encourage pupil's spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • Makes sure that the School provides for all its pupils, including those with additional needs

If you would like more information contact Governor Services.

Any queries please contact our Governing Body at:  governors@carrantbrook.gloucs.sch.uk


Ofsted Inspection Report 2018

Dear Parents/ Carers 

As you are no doubt aware, our Ofsted Inspection took place on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 February 2018. The report has been published today and we feel it is important to write to you to discuss the judgments made. The report will also be available to view on our website and also the official Ofsted website and we urge you to read it in full.

 Previously the school was judged to be good in November 2014.  However, in this recent inspection, which follows the new Ofsted Framework and the more challenging curriculum, the school was judged overall to require improvement.  As you may be aware, we were disappointed with the assessment results last year, but we have made many improvements since then and the inspection confirms that the school needs to continue with these strategies, because they are working.  As stated in the Inspection Report ‘leaders evaluation of the school’s performance is largely accurate and they are working on the right areas for improvement.’ 

 Our team of Staff and Governors are fully committed and determined to provide the best education possible for the children at Carrant Brook.  We would like to thank all parents who went onto Parent View and filled out the questionnaire with positive comments supporting the school. Such comments give all the Staff and Governors a great deal of confidence and motivation to feel that you are fully behind us. For that we really thank you.  However for Carrant Brook to improve, we all need to work together as a whole school community.  We need your help with developing more positive attitudes to learning; ensuring your child attends school regularly and providing opportunities to complete learning tasks at home.  In order to further help us to embed the progress we have already made in raising the standard and profile of reading, it is vital that your child is reading at least 4x a week at home.  We are working really hard in school to ensure that your child becomes a confident mathematician, however s/he needs to practise times tables and Maths Magic Targets at home in order to help us to achieve this.

 Let’s work together to make Carrant Brook great!

 If you have any questions regarding the report please feel free to contact the School.

 Yours sincerely,


Mrs Maria Budd


Mrs Gillian Horsey

Chair of Governors