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Parental Comments

 'Parental comments' 2020 - 2021

  • Carrant Brook fantastic.  Staff are amazing.  My son is loving school.  You have all worked so hard getting kids back safely.  Thank you
  •  I couldn’t have asked for better teachers during all this, you’ve been great thank you so much for keeping in touch - thank goodness for Dojo’s it’s made it easier to keep contact
  • We really appreciate the Zoom lessons as they help a lot.  Thank you for the continued support.  We think it's brilliant and we are very proud of our son being a Carrant Brook pupil"

'Parental comments' 2019 - 2020

  • Very easy to talk to and quick to resolve situations
  • The teacher is always available if I need to see them after school for any reason
  • Teachers are always chatty and friendly and I am able to come to them with a problem if needed
  • I love that the children have a weekly reward with the Golden Merit Book
  • I feel that rewards are good and the non-uniform (days)  for winning houses are good
  • Good updates by text and emails...the texts are very useful
  • My child always wants to wear the cardigan with the school logo on.  She wants to show it off!
  • My child 'came home buzzing and had so much to tell us about the fantastic day she had' at Young Voices.

'Parental comments' 2018 - 2019

  • Very impressed with my child’s progress.  Staff have been friendly and helpful when approached.  Overall a fantastic school
  • Very pleased.  The teachers are always on hand to answer any problems
  • The School has made moving up very easy an smooth.  Learning seems to be engaging and fun.  Use of topic ‘Superhumans’ is a winner!
  • I’m happy with the support my child is receiving.  She is happy and settled.
  • Lovely school.  Very impressed
  • Great school & great staff.  Thanks!