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Parental Comments

 Parental comments' 2022 - 2023

  • I like all of the school - the environment and teachers.  My child came to the right school.  I'm really proud of it.
  • Communications are clear and concise
  • After-school clubs further my child's learning
  • The children were all so very considerate and patient of our little ones, even letting them go on the slide in front of them and also making sure they had left the bottom of the slide before going themselves.  One lad even gave my daughter a high five which was really sweet. ...they engaged with each other with care, taking turn and were respectful of one another...your pupils clearly represented the core values of your school.  Your students have done you proud.  Well done! (Member of the Public)


Parental comments' 2021 - 2022

  • The communication between parents and teachers is great. Very welcoming and helpful.
  • …they try their best to help you right away.
  • … it is a lovely, friendly school
  • As a parent it is really good to know that my child has settled well and feels comfortable here. The teachers I have had contact with have been very supportive
  • Communication between everyone is brilliant
  • Good support given to children with SEN
  • The staff, they’ve been excellent in such a difficult time and have continued to make the children happy
  • There are lots of different activities for the children to get involved in
  • All the teachers are lovely, take time to talk to parents/children and ask for opinions
  • The staff seem proud of the students’ work – plenty of displays, encouragement and praise around
  • The school core values I think are great for the children to know and to continue with them through school and life
  • The support for my child over the last 4 years has been above and beyond
  • Really like the after school clubs the school provides
  • Topics the school choose are really interesting and engaging


Parental comments' 2020 - 2021

  • Carrant Brook fantastic.  Staff are amazing.  My son is loving school.  You have all worked so hard getting kids back safely.  Thank you
  •  I couldn’t have asked for better teachers during all this, you’ve been great thank you so much for keeping in touch - thank goodness for Dojo’s it’s made it easier to keep contact
  • We really appreciate the Zoom lessons as they help a lot.  Thank you for the continued support.  We think it's brilliant and we are very proud of our son being a Carrant Brook pupil
  • We were all dreading the prospect of home learning again, my daughter has really engaged with the live zoom sessions. It’s enabled her to work 
    really independently rather than me sat trying to teach her. 
  • Thank you for arranging all of this (Remote Learning)  in such a short amount of time. It has definitely taken the stress out of it from a parent's point of
  •  I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the zoom calls. My boys are so much happier and doing lots more work than the first lockdown. Especially my son is having some fantastic lessons and having fun as well and he's fully engaged in his work. Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting in for them. 

Parental comments' 2019 - 2020

  • Very easy to talk to and quick to resolve situations
  • The teacher is always available if I need to see them after school for any reason
  • Teachers are always chatty and friendly and I am able to come to them with a problem if needed
  • I love that the children have a weekly reward with the Golden Merit Book
  • I feel that rewards are good and the non-uniform (days)  for winning houses are good
  • Good updates by text and emails...the texts are very useful
  • My child always wants to wear the cardigan with the school logo on.  She wants to show it off!
  • My child 'came home buzzing and had so much to tell us about the fantastic day she had' at Young Voices.

Parental comments' 2018 - 2019

  • Very impressed with my child’s progress.  Staff have been friendly and helpful when approached.  Overall a fantastic school
  • Very pleased.  The teachers are always on hand to answer any problems
  • The School has made moving up very easy an smooth.  Learning seems to be engaging and fun.  Use of topic ‘Superhumans’ is a winner!
  • I’m happy with the support my child is receiving.  She is happy and settled.
  • Lovely school.  Very impressed
  • Great school & great staff.  Thanks!