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Books of the Month

It's easy to feel lost in the flood of so many new children's books available. Each month, we pick five of recently published favourites:


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  Dr Seuss

100 best children's books

This is the Book Trust's list of the 100 best books for children from the last 100 years: a suggestion of titles to read before you're 14.

Here are the results: CLICK HERE!

Help your Child at Home

Through independent reading, shared reading in English lessons and cross-curricular sessions, guided reading groups and reading for pleasure, reading in Carrant Brook develops and extends the skills acquired in Key Stage 1.

Children explore a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction which allows them to access, input ideas and understand what they are reading.  They are given opportunities to speculate on the tone and purpose of texts they explore as well as to consider both the themes and audience.

To develop their reading skills you can help by finding 10 minutes a day to listen to your child read. This will help him/her to develop fluency in reading and begin to talk about the story. Once your child is more fluent, it is important to focus on asking questions to check his/her understanding. Your child should also be picking out unfamiliar words to help develop a wider understanding of language. As you child becomes older and more confident, s/he should take more and more responsibility for his/her own learning.

Oxford Owl has some amazing resources that you can access to help support your child’s reading. On their website you will find how to guides, tips and advice and a whole range of ebooks which can be downloaded or read on a tablet at home. What’s even better – they are all free!